About Us

AX Group offers you a professional solution in the form of data gathering for the purpose of as-efficient-as-possible product and service promotion and sales.

AX Group Solutions – building a bridge to your success!

AX Group Solutions is a marketing agency that provides consulting services. We fuse precision and information with persuasion to achieve remarkable results for our ambitious clients.

AX Group Solutions is deeply rooted in business consulting, marketing, customer services, and support for our international clients. Let us help you on your way to business success.


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Our Mission

Our philosophy sets the goal of establishing and delivering updated business solutions for our clients in professional areas of the market.
With a thorough analysis of key market indicators, the goal we represent is to find the very best opportunities out there on a daily basis and present them to our clients.

The challenge

Providing each exceptional client with an optimized business opportunity is a challenge for every consulting agency. Taken from our long-term experience, we tend to overcome that challenge with complete dedication to one client and its interest. Consulting services we curate are the results of careful and detailed data gathering and analysis of our team of specialists.

Our approach

The capabilities of our teams reach far and wide. At AX Group Solutions, a professional approach is mandatory. Be sure that our well-trained multilingual consultants, led by a team of business experts, are providing a deceptively clear and highly effective way to grow your business.

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